Where We Stand

Contending for the faith...

Against modern corrupt translations of the Bible.

Against false grace as a cover for sinful living.

Against covetous living, tithing, and prosperity teaching.

Against all Word of Faith teachings.

Against false signs and wonders, and the renewal movement

Against Calvinism, Monergism, and Augustine.

Against unconditional security of the believer.

Against all anti-trinitarian doctrines.

Against modern evangelism that's politically correct.

Against end time teaching that hides AntiChrist.

Against dispensationalism, Darbyism, and Scofield. 

Against false ecumenical unity at the cost of truth.

Against professors unwilling to submit to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Against worldliness, carnal entertainment, idolized sports, etc.

(We discuss in detail all points above in our Bible studies.)

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