All mankind is lost without Jesus Christ and need to be born again!

Repentance and faith are conditional for salvation.

Salvation is by faith in Jesus Christ only, (not of dead works), which results in the new birth.

The new birth is evidenced by good works, and holy living; otherwise, it's dead faith.


Our trinitarian God has revealed Himself as Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!  Jesus Christ was in eternity past and came into the world sent by the Father as fully God and fully man.  The Oneness doctrine (Jesus only), the Mormon Jesus (exalted man), the Watchtower Jesus (Michael the Archangel), the Islamic Jesus that He is merely a prophet, etc., are all false teachings.  If we do not honour the Son then we do not honour the Father!


The Bible is God's Word! Modern translations are corrupt!  We read and study the KJB.  There are two families of manuscripts, one is poisoned, the other is pure.  Bring your modern translation and we will gladly show you the deletions, alterations, corruptions, etc.  


You can't claim to live holy and live in sin at the same time.  The Apostle Paul was not a fall-down Christian stuck in Romans 7 bearing a bad testimony.  We can live victorious over the flesh, the world and the Devil!  Modern greasy-grace preaching keeps you fully excused in your sin and turns the grace of our God into a license to sin.  You can overcome!


The pre-tribulation rapture is not going to happen!  The rapture and second coming are the same event!  We can show you where this came from and why this teaching is so popular today, even though it is so unbiblical.  All forms of Futurism (all accomplished in the future) and Preterism (all accomplished in the past) are false teachings.  Both Futurism and Preterism are designed to cover up who the Antichrist is.  

The Antichrist system is the Whore of Babylon, that apostate Roman Catholic Institution that has blood on her hands and has massacred thousands of believers over the centuries.  



The teaching that says "this doctrine is not a salvation issue"  is wrong!  Wrong doctrine can lead to Hell!  Jesus and all the Apostles warned about false doctrines!  In a day of "doctrines of Devils" it not time to play with poison!  Know what you believe and why; know your Bible well!

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